We do not need Google Street View in Japan. It make so many problems in Japan !



We do not need Google Street View in Japan 5

"A serious problem of proliferating explosively on the day of
the service beginning of street view is watched. "(5)
..".. day of service beginning of street view
A serious problem of proliferating explosively is watched" (5):
Manabu Kitaguchi

The serial is a content to which "A lot of opinions of people who recite the unpleasantness to this
service have been expressed" is received by the introduction with the analyze the present state.

The mass media was reported though the report to refer the anxiety to this harmony problem and
personal inquiries, etc. neatly was few though a lot of pros and cons parallel description
introductions that seemed to be impartial seemingly had been seen. However, information on the
insistence of the privacy protection group in the movement of the activity of privacy and the human
rights group in the exercise of people who grapple with the lawsuit, the group of human rights in the
U.S., and the privacy problem of happening in succession in the United States, the content, and
Europe and America, current states, and EU and Britain where service seems to be begun limitedly
etc. is a part to be expected of the report of the mass media in the future still.

There seem to be a lot of one "It is ..criticizing because of interesting service it..", "Embarrassing it
because it is copied is feel ashamed", and "It is too nervous in privacy and human rights though
there are a lot of happy campers" ..the opinion of the assentor on the net...

On the other hand, a lot of opinions of people who recite the unpleasantness to this service are

- 「A mere photograph, and it is linked with map information and offering it in the shape that can be
retrieved is great difference. Even home and the whole town exactly : ..taking a picture of I and the
belongings while it doesn't know and open to the public.. There are only neither SF target fear society
nor a saying way. 」
- "It is not well because it is a scope of control from the public road" →"There are some parts that are
the shape that the aspect looks into high" and "The person who misuses it makes a preliminary
inspection without this" →. 「Immediately obtaining information on a lifestyle and peaceful this no,
etc. from the address leads to the marriage discrimination and the finding employment discrimination.
The character of 'Misuse' is different from your idea. 」
- 「It is scared that home is shown by the address input by one announcement. There is a house
where the door plate or the numberplate can be considerably distinguished, too. If it notices and the
deletion request is not done, it is awful to be exposed for a long time. The residential area doesn't
put anything and : though thinks that it was necessary to consider it. 」

- The man photograph a Google map new function and in deletion request following [jishokushitsu]
also ..".. :.
August 6, 2008
Google explains, "The image of which it took a picture from the public road was judged that opening
to the public was basically possible". It is said that the number of cars uses, shades off the automatic
identification function by passer-by's face, and makes it reflect as much as possible when taking a
picture and not crowd.
However, the image of the couple etc. who try to belong to the man and the hotel where the
questioning is received from the policeman on a downtown road can be inspected in the photograph.

Therefore, the commotion introduces looking for the image related to the personal privacy has
occurred on the bulletin board site of the net immediately after the service beginning.

Google requests from the screen, and says that it wants to correspond while consulting with those
who inform the deletion of the image that violates privacy and offends public order and morals.

- It is assumed that it undertakes invasion of privacy and the man and woman of U.S. Pennsylvania
state living : this company.
The Google side's having done the rebuttal assumed to be "Privacy etc. did not exist in the
contemporary society" by the appealed trial became clear on the 31st.

Google was described in the trial, "The total privacy etc. did not exist even if the advancement of the
satellite technology was received, and it existed at the center of the desert in modern days", and it
objected for the insistences of the plaintiffs who assumed that the function of "Street View" was
invasion of privacy.

Various information that the opinion and the mass communication that was not able to consent to
the rebuttal of the Google Co. to the privacy bringing a case of the above-mentioned United States
did not refer begins to be known via the Internet. The collapse of various foreign countries for the
appearance seems to have changed from the reaction at first of can the surprise by the quality of the
opinion declaration to this service and the content after these several days in case of "It is ..[waa;]..
terrible" when coming.

・ ・・・・Street..view..Tokyo..image..splendid..person..provide..employee..reflect..privately owned
area..resident..other than..vehicle..ride into..forbid..region..enter..stately..take a picture..open to the
public..area..individual..specify..make an excuse..do..face..shade
ad. Permanent address..drive..home..without any
mistake..strike..do..astonishment..notification..without permission..take a
picture..deletion..apply..erase..unjust..once..all parts of the world..open to the
out..impossible..interesting..famous..become..here and there..copy..delete..too
late..computer..have..person..know..take a

Enormous difficulties are actually being pointed out by people who touched the Google street view
for several days who become accustomed to the net and are familiar. It can be thought that it is only
an important point.

Various remarks concerning the Google street view of people who become accustomed to the digital
world written on the net on this several and are familiar are actually thin and have an important
point in the newspaper and the television media.

The point of the person who knows fear of the thing that privacy is open to the public in digital
information "The image and the map data open to the public by the Google street view are digitalized
information" is very important. It is a strong sense of crisis that the net and the generation D that the
journalist and the commentator of whom it is basic who is the world of a type and analog TV of the
idea cannot assume, and is not referred keenly feel.

Being describe it in the future is a very important matter.

The feature of digitalized information is a character that uniting with various digital information that
lies scattered on the copy and the net can be facilitated. It is possible easily to copy, to reprint, to
preserve, and to exist in the net world when almost permanent, and digital information that has
flowed out to the net to a thing that cannot be put out and to change once.

It knows the danger to the collation offer of added image information that knows the fear in man
who becomes accustomed to the net, there is not approval, either taken a picture, and open to the
public and map and address.
The original edition knows the possibility of the outflow is not 0 it is left for in-house, and the
employee of the Google Co. can handle it even though deletes the existence of the original edition
image data before it is processed with software for the Google street view opening to the public that
was far recorded and recorded from the image of the Google street view open to the public now in
the clear image in the Google Co..
Neither the comment nor the commentary said for the specialist to the Google street view of the
mass communication, TV commentator's privacy problem, and misgivings on crime prevention seem
not to have been printed on paper like the newspaper and the entire magazine, etc. or to have gone
out of the region that has privacy, the media concept, and the image in the age that includes only the
analog video record etc. and was talked now. In the meaning, you might declare that all are old
-fashioned commentaries.
Information, the privacy problem in the age that became a problem by a past magazine, the
newspaper, and the analog information, and the seriousness of the dimension at all are faced in a
quite new individual information, privacy, and question of personal rights in digital age and the net
age and it faces us in all members.

The Internet spreads and the human-right violation and the discrimination agitation on a huge
bulletin board become serious problems.

Recently, the following events happen frequently from the delay of the lack of the human rights
enlightenment and the education of the speaker on the spread of the digital photography and the net
and the development of legal systemss to the feature.

Parties concerned and suspect's photographs are contributed to the net when a certain crime case
and suicide event occur, it is copied fast, and it is exposed on the net. The case where going family
structure, family's name, and school, company, permanent address, portable number, and
photograph of face, etc. are contributed to the net has increased malice and for a giggle. It can be
said that every individual who became a target in the Internet world will have faced danger that it is
and all privacies and individual information are for fun exposed on the net even though it is time
when it doesn't relate to the crime. The case where the class photograph at the school appears on
the market when it is a teacher, and others are open to the public of own career and various privacies
for which the case that has become an irreparable situation due to the file outflow accident and a lot
of people do not hope on the net happens frequently. Those people will expect will the match of
home and the place of business image of the Google street view and open to the public in the future.
It is instantaneously discharged on the net aiming at all parts of the world and it becomes
irrecoverable as digital data when almost permanent.

The way things are going, we will make writing "This is an image of criminal home", "This is an
image of the place in the scene of the crime", and "This is victim's house" insensitive on the net many
in the future.
Moreover, the Google Co. digitalizes all information, accumulates wisdom, and can think like the
enterprise that aims at grand digital information world construction and opening to the public that
links it is and all information and knowledge. There is no objection in the speed and the convenience
of convenience and the net use of a retrieval and digital information. However, the appearance of
digitalization, the computer technology, and the Google street view that ties individual information
and them on the information about customers, the staff register, and the net will be imagined at the
Kon futurity when the line of the backbone freezes a little when the misuse is assumed.

Bygones and the age concerning "Privacy and human rights" that has become a problem by a certain
meaning, newspaper, and magazine are the ages when serious various problems of "Digital
information and human rights" extend explosively. at the time of differ quite the quality

The magazine and the newspaper article in printing media tear in the passage of tens of years, are
deteriorated, get scattered and lost, and weaken in people's memories.

However, when the function of the search engine improves today, information that can be disclosed
even once on the net is digitalized and becomes possible to make information that lies scattered in
various places in the net world a moment, to collect, and to display it. The accumulation of individual
information with a digitalized characteristic of data, a possibility of the outflow, various digital
sources, and the developed software makes privacy and individual information face a crisis quite
different from an analog age by collecting the computer, the Internet, the search engine, and the
digitalized data, and beginning of the stage of new fear is symbolized, and no do be known whether
well-known is this Google street view appearance at the people widely either.

The extraction and the retrieval survey are done by processing the fragment of the data that lies
scattered the field in which computers are skillful most variously at a dash and no do be known
whether the Google street viewdata group opening as the one information and one source to the
public is the second acts in a serious, brutal digital information age that exceeded the concept in the
analog age that present media report either.

As for the introduction of an important, of freedom of expression easy of course regulatory control,
the thing that should correspond carefully is understood. However, it is service that has already
created a serious human-right violation on a huge bulletin board etc. in one side and is misused.

People who do not notice the problem because it feels that it is interesting might be large majority.
It might be service being welcomed by a lot of people. However, leaving small number of facts and
small number of people who have caused the serious negative impact for person's people's human
rights and not being permitted in no correspondence are clear.

It can be thought that the change of limitation of the area of opening to the public where the
sightseeing spot and consent were obtained one is neither choices, nor correction, and direction that
the Google Co. can take.
I cannot help aspiring an immediate beginning enlightenment that centers on the social responsibility
of the Google Co., the business liability, human rights, and the privacy problem and the conversation
and the collaborative project with the human rights group because I renew.


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